How it works?

At we have thought long and hard about how we can make the process of borrowing money fast and simple


Apply online

Fill in our simple applica tion form and we will make a decision in principle straight away. Just choose how much you want to borrow and the days you want to borrow it for.


Submit your documents

• Copy of ID
• 3 month bank statement
• Payslip


Digitally sign your loan agreement

Once we have carried out all the affordability and credit checks our end we will text you a loan link and ask you to read and digitally sign your Loan Agreement. You'll be able to do this on your mobile, tablet, or computer.


Receive your loan

Money will be transferred into your account within 15 minutes or up to 48 hours of signing your Loan Agreement


Repay your loan

The scheduled payment will be automatically taken from your selected bank account on your agreed repayment date.